Lending a hand

Recognizing the need to roll up our sleeves and pitch in to help the community, Showboaters will frequently volunteer with Helping With Furniture, one of the charities receiving support through the Ottawa Dragon Boat Foundation. Paddlers will join forces with HWF volunteers to pick up donated furniture, then see it delivered to families in need of basic of household furnishings. Be it an entire apartment or a kid’s bicycle, the need is especially great with the recent influx of Syrian refugees.


Helping our sponsor

Supporting Chinatown, Showboaters continue to work with Yet Keen. Often this takes the form of selling Chinese watercolour art painted by Yet Keen members to support their programs. Other times the team arranges to transport Yet Keen members to a dragon boat festival to cheer us on. How many dragon boat teams do you know that come to competitions with their own cheering squads, sporting small flags with 'Showboat' proudly written on them? 


Helping others

Paddlers from the team have gathered to volunteer with Ottawa Community Housing and the Tibetan Resettlement Project Ottawa.

Furthermore, Showboat is represented on fundraising committees where our experiences are eagerly shared with other teams as they embark to give back to the community.

The team continues to identify and pursue opportunities to 'put all hands on deck' to help out. If your organization is in need of community driven volunteers, please contact us.