Showboat Paddle Charter



Chinatown Showboat practices at Mooney’s Bay every Tuesday from 7-8, starting in early/mid-May, up to our final competition in early/mid-September. Please understand that we want to improve as a team. We can’t do that when practices are poorly attended. Everyone gets let down and morale plummets when we can’t fill a boat at practice, let alone for festivals.

1. We're serious about attending practices. The only way you will improve as a paddler and we as a team is by practicing so we hope you'll make every effort to attend our practices. We ask that you not miss more than 3 practices. You have a life outside of dragon boating so if you can't attend practice, we ask that you let us know at least 24 hours in advance. 

2. Paddlers are asked to give 100% at practices. We ask that when you step into the boat that you leave any negative attitude on shore and focus everything you’ve got on improving as a paddler so we can improve as a team. Maybe have a few laughs in the process.

3. Our caller, steers and coach are the only leaders when we’re on the water. Read that again. Paddlers are not to challenge any of them during practice or at festivals. Certainly feel free to discuss aspects of your paddling or any concerns / comments you might have when we’re off the water, not in the heat of a practice or while we’re at a festival.

4. Use TeamSnap! We can’t stress this enough. We need to know in advance (by 6 pm the night before any given practice) if you will be attending practice so we can set up the seating plan. If your availability is indicated as ‘unknown’ the evening before practice, we will consider it as a missed practice.

5. It is your responsibility to make sure we have your up-to-date contact information. It’s also your responsibility to make sure team communications aren’t going to your spam / junk folder.

Team Communications

1. Newsletters are issued regularly. The newsletter contains important information so we ask that you will read it carefully.

2. The only time practices will be cancelled will be if you’re notified via email / text by one of the team’s managers. If it’s cooler weather, raining and / or windy, which will happen early or late in the season, practices still go ahead, so be sure to dress accordingly.
The one weather condition that will cancel practice is lightning. Even then, we expect paddlers to show up for practice. If there’s lightning when 6:45 pm rolls around, practice will be either delayed or cancelled altogether. It’s a decision made on site.


Chinatown Showboat will paddle in 1-2 festival this year. These are the Tim Hortons’ Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival and to be determined, based on team interest and support during the second half of the summer.

Community Work and Fundraising

Fundraising and community work are both hallmarks of this team. 

As far as individual fundraising is concerned, we ask that each paddler raise a minimum of $300, by no less than 3 days in advance of the Ottawa festival. If you’re at zero, or close to it (at management’s discretion), you will be approached and asked about your fundraising status. If you’re having difficulty or are unsure of how to fundraise, please let us help you.

However, If it becomes clear that you don’t like fundraising, or are unwilling to at least give it your best shot, you will be asked to leave the team. Team registration fees won’t be refunded in the process. 

The team’s management can help you with fundraising so don’t hesitate to ask one of us!

Chinatown Showboat holds fundraising events throughout the year. We hope paddlers will actively support the team with these ventures by encouraging family and friends to attend. Your consistent attendance at fundraising events doesn’t go unnoticed.

Finally, Chinatown Showboat paddlers support the Chinatown community by participating in the Chinese New Years’ parade every February. We are exploring other ways to thank Chinatown for their ongoing support. We will need you to be there for those.

While Chinatown Showboat is a fun, easy-going team, we’re very serious about what we expect from our paddlers. After all, our paddlers are our greatest ambassadors.